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Diane K. Lindgren, MA, LPC

Marriage & Couples Counseling

Marriage is much like the crucible in chemistry. Two people, like two separate chemicals are poured into the crucible, we call marriage, and begin to react to one another. Inevitably, the Bunsen burner is turned up... wait...wait... sizzle... sputter... BOOM!

Couples can react to one another with anger, silence, passivity, and resentment. Sometimes, marriage results in separation and divorce. There is hope for every relationship. Wounds can be healed, changes can occur, and joy can be found.

Couples counseling can be the catalyst for the change you need in your relationship. When coming to counseling, both people in the relationship can expect to be met with understanding and compassion. Counseling can offer the expertise that you need for change.

Issues Treated: Communication difficulty, Extended Family problems, problems related to Child Raising, Infertility Problems, Sexual Issues, Spiritual Issues, Pre- and Post-Divorce Care, Premarital Counseling and more.

Diane is also available for speaking and workshop engagements. Please contact Frisco Professional Counseling for details.

Couples Counseling

“Embrace change because when you stop changing, you stop improving.”
David Cottrell, Eric Harvey, “Leadership Courage”

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